Swing evening with gala dinner in the Gourmet Restaurant ┬┤Goethe┬┤ Franzensbad on friday, 22.01. and saturday, 23.01.2010 always from 7.00 p.m. till 10.00 p.m.

We`re glad to invite you to 2 exclusive Swing evenings in our Gourmet Restaurant "Goethe". Enjoy a 4-course-gala dinner inclusive all drinks and swing to popular Swing-melodys, that play our soloists on trumpet, contrabass, guitar and piano.

4-course choice-dinner inclusive all drinks
(Beer, housewine red and white, coffee and softdrinks)
and musical entertainment LIVE for
29 Euro / person

Mousse of smoked trout with basil ÔÇô avocado cream

Tomatoes-orange cream soup with Parmesan cam

Salmon steak on horseradish sauce with sheet spinach and Gnocchi
Pork medallions brown with mozzarella cheese, served with finger maize and duchess's potatoes

Flamb├ęed sour cherries with vanilla ice-cream

Swing - maybe the popular style of Jazz

Swing evening

The swing is valid as the probably most popular style direction of the jazz which originated by the end of the 1920s and found between 1935 and 1940 her climax. It was developed originally by Afro-Americans, was copied, however, soon by the "white" Americans, was marketed commercially, and last also dominated. The era of the swing is inseparable with the origin of the musician's formation typical for the swing, the Big tape, linked. The Big tape decreases in her occupation to the classical, 7-headed New Orleans jazz band and three wind instruments the volume (trombone, clarinet and trumpet or cornet) were taken now several times. Other influence on the Big tape also had particularly in the ending 19. and beginning 20th century in the south states of the USA popular Brassbands. Nevertheless, as a founder of the "Ancient-Bigband" the New York pianist and arranger Fletcher Henderson is seen generally who tried out the multiple occupation in the area of the blowers as the first and his "Bigband" over a trombone, two trumpets, an old saxophone and a tenor saxophone, a clarinet as well as the rhythm group disposed. The classical occupation of the Bigband (see below) asserted itself only from 1930.

Beside the Bigbands there was in the swing era a big number more considerably smaller ensemble; their impetus came with the amount of the Jukebox, a device which should strongly change not only the record industry, but also the jazz. Not only now vocalists of the jazz song, but also the studio tape who played in now countless dance music and jazz records were asked. In the centre singing instrumentalists stood like Red to all, Lionel Hampton, Wingy Manone, Louis Prima, Fats Waller or in England Nat Gonella also the known tape singers, under it the "newcomer" Billie Holiday. Beside formations in middle size (in particular Nonett and Tentett) these were above all from the core of the big swing orchestras educated Smalls of tape. These smaller combos were it, finally, also which continued the tradition after the end of most big Bigbands in the 1950s. (from Wikipedia)

Swing evening with gala dinner

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