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Imperial dishes on european biggest bottomaquarium in historical atmosphere

Bohemia dishes

In the Gourmet-Restaurant "Goethe" from the INGO Casino Franzensbad dined emperors, poets and thinkers. To this time, in life from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe, wouldn`t our restaurant don`t call after him. Which name it has they don`t nobody. But we now, that it has a popular reputation. Since today. Dined traditional bohemia kitchen in historical atmosphere. With the biggest bottomaquarium in europe where live many Koi-carps, you experience something, that Goethe not has. You were marvel and sit on it.

With your autumn/winter- special in november and december you become 2 great menus for the price for 12 Euro per person. Chouse between the crispy chicken with red cabbage on a dumplingcreation and succulent pork chop in blackbeersauce with beans with bacon and hash browns. Homemade potatosoup like bohemia kind and on drink, also coffee make your autumn/winter-special perfect. Now reserve >>>

Casino Františkovy Lázně

Casino Františkovy Lázně
Casino Františkovy Lázně
Casino Františkovy Lázně

Czech Jewel Gleams with a New Dazzle.

The Emperor Franz I., Otto von Bismarck, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and many others entertained themselves here virtually in a “royal” fashion. At present, the spa town where eminent persons and sovereigns from various countries used to meet is yet again an emerging place at the heart of Europe which does not have to be afraid of international comparison. In the region’s centre, there is a spa house where one of the oldest temples of Fortuna, the goddess of luck, is located.
Carpe diem – seize the day! Is there a place where one can experience greater diversity than at a place where art and gourmet experience is combined with nerve excitation under a single roof? In the historical “Feast House”, INGO Casino a.s. yet again continues the glamour of past centuries and offers a modern gastronomy of experiences in an environment form the period of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy also known as the Danube or Dual Monarchy.
Františkovy Lázně is one of the three world-famous spas in the Western Bohemia. It was established in 1793 by the Emperor Franz I. Small, family-type spa town carefully renovated in accordance with the original glamour of the period of establishment represents an internationally recognized architectural masterpiece. Local numerous spa springs and central geographic position within Europe made Františkovy Lázně, already in the period of emperors, a meeting place of eminent persons of that period.    Already at that time, the significance of Western Bohemia had been identified and the whole region received a monument in the form of the Feast House in which the international INGO Casino a.s. has been currently residing. Already Wolfgang von Goethe, Emperor Franz I., Marie-Louise, Napoleon’s wife, field marshal Blucher, Count Nostic and Count Šternberk, during frequent social events, appreciated the atmosphere of this cultural building. From architectural point of view, the “Feast House” is the most dominant building of the town and of the entire region.
You will be warmly welcome by more than 150 casino fellow workers, of course, also in the German and English languages. Also, it will be a pleasure for us to arrange for you various events during your stay in Františkovy Lázně. Please, make use of our inquiry forms or our Non-stop Hotline operated 24 hours a day.
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